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Fit for Strategy - ASSESSMENT:
How "fit" is your organization for upcoming changes?

What do employees and managers need to meet the requirements? Do you know how your employees tick? Do your structures and processes match the strategy? We at Simplex Development have specialized in answering these questions with tailor-made assessments!

Our assessment services and products

Leadership Assessment

With individual assessments derived from your strategy, the leadership strength of your managers in relation to implementation is assessed. Together with you, we explore the development potential of your key players .

Team Assessment

We analyze the composition of required skills in teams for you. We also examine the management of resources , agile communication structures and internal work processes .

Culture Analysis

While the importance of cultural factors in transformation is well known, they are rarely an integral part of strategy. By means of a target/actual analysis of the requirements from strategy and transformation, we focus on cultural factors that are critical to success.

Process and structure analysis: We check your optimization potential...

Planning, control, decision-making and communication structures and processes

performance excellence

human capital management& People Analytics

With our partner Simplex-Advisors, we are able to analyze and optimize existing process landscapes. All in the spirit of an efficient design of the working world that engages employees instead of overburdening them.
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